What to do if my card is lost or stolen?

Please contact us at our customer services helpline at 111-11-CLUB (2582) to report lost or stolen card within 24 hours. Your card will be blocked immediately, so that it cannot be misused.

What to do if my card is not accepted at the Total retail station?

In such case, your limit may have expired, or your card does not allow for the product you want to purchase. For any queries and problems kindly refer to our retail station staff or contact us at 111-11-CLUB (2582)

What if my card is blocked due to 3 wrong PIN codes?

Please contact your concerned person in your company who will get it unblocked by club card department.

How and when do I get my PIN code?

The PIN code will be sent to you by post after you receive your card.

I have a corporate account, how can i get information about my card?

Please contact your concerned account manager (the person who has signed your account)