Total Card Key Benefits



Mileage Option

With mileage option you can enter odometer reading of your vehicle and will get monthly consumption per KM report that will give you an idea of your vehicle’s fitness and reduces misuse by the drivers as well.

Offline Transaction System

The state of the art offline transaction system removes the dependability of the club card machine on electricity or telephone line. Unlike competitors where users have to face server down problem, no line busy message and no battery issues due to online system we can assure you that you will not face these issues on our stations.


The use of Total Club Card is secured using SmartChip Technology which assures transaction validation after entry of 4 Digit PIN code. On three wrong PIN entries the card will be automatically blocked. This SmartChip Technology also eliminates the chance of card phishing i.e. making copy card, which is very common in Pakistan nowadays in case of magnetic strip based cards used by other fuel card/credit card/debit card issuers in Pakistan.

Club Card an Economical solution

Unlike other fuel card issuers who charge various service charges we don’t charge any service charges and with no joining/annual charges, no card fee (for postpaid corporate accounts only) and GST invoice to claim GST refund(if application) on fuelling transactions, it is the most economical fuel management system in Pakistan.

Online Reporting

With our online portal for customer now you can view the transaction details of your fleet online from anywhere in the world. You can not only keep an eye on your transaction but also view comparative analysis of the fuelling during any time period. In addition to this you can block your cards online without any hassle.