TOTAL PARCO Gas Stations


A Commitment to Quality

Total believes in providing a complete experience to its customer in every visit thus it strongly believes in standardization of forecourts in addition to the services provided. Our stations are positioned in strategic locations across the country from the Khyber Pass to the Arabian Sea, so as to create convenience for our customers. Our allied facilities such as the Bonjour shops, Car washes, oil change areas and tyre shops are designed and built in order to create a one stop solution for all of our customers’ needs.

In a relatively short time, TOTAL PARCO has emerged as the fastest growing oil and lubricaLatest Fuel Pricesnt brand in Pakistan, and has set standards that remain unprecedented and admired both locally and globally.The Total brand is essentially concerned in building the relation of care and trust with customers. The same can be said of the manner in which Total is operating in Pakistan i.e. it endeavors to be an exemplary business entity in terms of quality product and service offering as well as the business standards by which it conducts its activities.

As a socially conscious corporate entity TOTAL PARCO has been actively involved in several welfare projects over the years in order to be part of the development of local communities. All these aspects of our operations set us apart and serve as a bench mark for operational excellence not just in the oil industry but for all business entities in Pakistan.

Having been recipients of the Brands of the Year Award in 2006, 2009 and again in 2011 has set a very high precedent for us, meaning that the entire company is working towards maintaining the winning streak. Our prime focus in this effort is to keep providing our customers with the best products and an unparalleled level of service.

Now that our network is spread all across the country with over 285 service stations, we aim to be a partner of our customer’s journey of life and the only choice that guarantees complete peace of mind throughout the ride.

So whatever your destination is; all you need is Total quality.