Shop and Food Services



The Shop – Bonjour

Bonjour! TOTAL PARCO has significantly enhanced the concept of shops on petrol stations. Besides having a standardized network of more than 200 convenience stores across Pakistan, we take pride in being pioneers to introduce modern retailing concepts at our shops. Our expertise in this area not only assists our franchisees to run this business better, but also enhances customers shopping experience as they can fulfill their bonjour“On the Go” needs at our shops. Based on their size, shops are categorized as:

The Shop (15 Sqm)
Bonjour (30 Sqm & +)

We have a strong focus on developing non-fuel services through shops, food chains and offering financial solutions to customers through our retail stations. Read More We have centralized contracts with leading companies in tobacco and beverage categories. Moreover, we have signed agreements and MOUs with Pizza Hut, One Potato Two Potato (OPTP) and KFC for development of their food outlets at our stations. Two Pizza Hut branches have already been opened since the contract signing in 2012. Negotiations are also underway with McDonalds and Subway to create oil alliances and offer customers fast food on the go.Read Less

Car Wash / Sun Wash

Innovation is an integral part of our culture at TOTAL PARCO. We strive to introduce such products and services that add value to our offer and better serve customer needs. We have an extensive network of carwash facilities available on our retails stations. In line with our commitment to use alternative energy and environmental conservation we took the initiative to develop and install the first Solar Powered Car Wash in Pakistan under our brand “SunWash” at selected retail stations.

Oil Change Services

Oil change facilities are available to our customers at majority of our retail stations. Equipped with our complete range of lubricants, oil change staff can guide you regarding the right choice of lubricant suited for your vehicle. Our oil change areas are designed to ensure your car gets serviced quickly and you can be confident regarding any lubricant you choose to buy from our stations.

New Projects and Partnerships


Pizza Hut & Total Join Hands

On March 28th 2013, TOTAL PARCO & PizzaHut inaugurated the first purpose built PHD (PizzaHut Delivery) concept at a TOTAL PARCO station in Pakistan.
The new PHD concept is operational at TOTAL PARCO’s Divine Filling Station in Lahore and is second in a series of outlets that has been developed by PizzaHut at TOTAL PARCO’s retail stations since the signing of contract last year. Operations will be managed by PizzaHut’s sole franchisee in Pakistan, MCR (Pvt.) Ltd.
The new concept of PHD at a filling station will provide customers with a convenient one stop solution for their fuelling needs and offer a variety of quality food and beverage choices (Take away & Delivery options available). Read More TOTAL PARCO and PizzaHut are strategically aligned as both have aggressive development plans in Pakistan. PizzaHut is assessing TOTAL PARCO’s locations across Pakistan and aims to expand the PHD concept to more sites.Read Less


Total & HBL Partnership

TOTAL PARCO signed a contract with the largest private sector bank of Pakistan, Habib Bank Ltd (HBL). A formal signing ceremony was held at our head office in Lahore on the 1st of November 2013.
As per the agreement signed between both companies, HBL will install their ATMs at selected TOTAL PARCO outlets across Pakistan. Read More This contract opens up another avenue for us to offer more services to our customers under one roof. Banks in Pakistan are quickly moving towards offering convenient banking solutions to customers by partnering with telecom companies. Smaller retail outlets are being prepped to offer basic banking transactions and convenience stores can form a new channel for such transactions. Partnering with the market leader gives us an opportunity to explore new avenues, introduce innovative services and strengthen our non fuel business.Read Less