Corporate Social Responsibility

The Total brand is essentially concerned in building the relation of care and trust not just with our customers but also with the communities in which we operate. With a presence worldwide, the Total group believes in helping and developing the communities among which it operates. Working with specialized organizations, we continually assess and manage the impact of our industrial operations, helping us to monitor the health, development and economic conditions of people living or working near our facilities and to identify opportunities for development.

What we do lies at the intersection of two of the greatest challenges facing the world today and tomorrow-energy supply and environmental protection. Our responsibility as an energy producer is to meet both of these challenges as best we can and in a sustainable way.

This responsibility forms the basis of our policy on Corporate Social Responsibility wherein we focus on effective, sustainable activities that improve the quality of life of our stakeholders. Our aim is not just to provide financial support, but also to share and strengthen expertise to broaden collective knowledge.

Our global policy for CSR focuses on the future of Energy, environment conservation and the social development of communities (link to Total Group Sustainable development page)

To this effect we have undertaken several projects over the last 12 years which focus on various facets of development and conservation.

We are pioneers in the use of alternative energy on our service stations in Pakistan with the establishment of our SunWash Facility on selected service stations whereby the suns ray’s are used to heat the water used for Carwashes, thereby saving energy and conserving the environment

As a socially conscious corporate entity TOTAL PARCO has been actively involved in several community welfare projects. It is our never-ending care for the community that drove our “Drive Safe” campaign for the masses and an HSE/road awareness campaign for children based on a specially designed character “TOTAL Road Champ”, both of which received great acclaim from local authorities like the Motorway Police and from within the Total group itself.

In our 11 years of operations, Total’s contributions towards earthquake and flood relief in Pakistan have totalled 350,000 Euros and 8.3 Million rupees from the Total Group and TOTAL PARCO & its dealers respectively. These funds have been used to rehabilitate victims of catastrophic natural disasters by partnering with internationally renowned organizations in order to ensure that help was provided to the most deserving

As the fastest growing oil marketing company in Pakistan, everything that we do is guided by our deep and most abiding commitment to life. This is from where we derive all our hopes, goals and dreams to serve our stakeholders. We are all responsible to ensure that we shape the course of the future to benefit generations to come. We at TOTAL PARCO are committed to building a better tomorrow for all those who are associated with us now and for times to come.