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Total PARCO prides itself in continuously investing in innovative solutions to provide the best possible offerings for our valued customers. As a leading, responsible energy major of this nation, it is our privilege to serve the people of Pakistan with premium products and services without fail.  

Along with being the first Oil Marketing Company to introduce Euro 5 – a fueling solution considered higher in quality and lower in emissions – in the RON 92* variant to the Pakistani market, Total PARCO is pleased to unveil TOTAL EXCELLIUM with Euro 5 as well!

Fight dirt in your engine with TOTAL EXCELLIUM, the fuel that cleans your engine KM after KM

When you drive your car, deposits build up in your engine as the kilometers go by. Modern engines are particularly vulnerable to this problem, which can lead to higher fuel consumption, increased CO2 emissions and reduced power.

With its army of additives specially designed by Total’s expert researchers, TOTAL EXCELLIUM fuel prevents up to 93%** of deposit build-up, thereby efficiently cleaning you engine.

In turn, a cleaner engine:

  • Increases its useful life to last longer
  • Maintains its performance level
  • Emits less CO2
  • Decreases fuel consumption

Euro 5 fuels signal the future, being regarded as a new and improved fuel standard for lower emissions with the following features:

  • Considered to be an international quality fuel compared to previous fuel specifications
  • Low in sulphur
  • Considered better for engines***


Due to these factors and because Euro 5 fuels are greater in quality than their predecessors (such as the Euro II standard fuels currently present in Pakistan), they may contribute comparatively less towards pollution, thereby indicating a significantly reduced impact on the environment on a relative scale.

Furthermore, by introducing this key offering at a local level, Total PARCO ensures that the latest international fuel specifications are met for the convenience of our prized customers. This also allows Total PARCO to align its modus operandi in accordance with governmental regulations by being capable of providing a fuel offering adapted to the most recent engines****

Total PARCO is therefore delighted to play its role in bringing the vision of a better Pakistan into fruition and is – as always – steadily geared towards providing better energy solutions for the nation.


*at selected sites only

**TOTAL EXCELLIUM prevents up to 93% of fouling in gasoline engines and 89% in diesel engines, in comparison to a non-specifically additivated fuel Tests conducted by an independent body.

***Specifically for vehicles manufactured after 2009

 ****for vehicles manufactured after 2009