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TOTAL PARCO - Fueling your Business

We offer a wide range of industrial fuels which are processed through state of the art refineries and latest technology, guaranteeing value addition in industrial operations. We are actively involved in marketing our petroleum products across all the sectors of industry and it has helped us to position ourselves in the local market as leaders in supplying quality fuels.

We have been serving a large customer base that includes big players such as the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF), National Highway Authority (NHA), ZKB, Tetra Pack, Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC), Unilever Group, United Energy, Metro Cash and Carry, MAF Hyperstar, Albayrak Group of Companies of Turkey, Platform Turizm, Sapphire Group, Nishat Group, K&Ns, Engro Foods, DG Khan Cement, Captive and Independent  Power Plants (CPPs and IPPs)and many other national and multi-national companies.


Products & Specifications

For industrial fuels, we firmly follow the pre-set PSI (Pakistan Standards Institute) standards. Our current fuel range for business consumers includes:

  • Furnace Oil: Also referred to as High Sulfur Furnace Oil (HSFO) is the residual product obtained from crude oil distillation. It is used in furnaces, boilers, kilns and for power generation. Furnace oil sold in Pakistan must comply with the following parameters: Kinematic viscosity @50C⁰ of 180cst max, Pour Point of 75C⁰, Sulphur content of 3.5% maximum and gross calorific value at 18200 BTU/lb

  • Kerosene OilA combustible liquid derived from petroleum, widely used for industrial as well as household purposes such as cooking. According to PSI standards, the sulphuric content in Kerosene oil must be 0.2% maximum 

  • High Speed Diesel (HSD): A liquid fuel used in diesel engines such as generators, trucks, military vehicles and marine vessels. The key characteristic of this fuel is the fuel ignition as a result of  compression of the fuel with air. For HSD, according to PSI standards, Pour Point is 6C⁰ and sulphuric content in High Speed Diesel must be 1.00% maximum.

  • Light Diesel Oil (LDO): LDO is mainly used as a combustion agent in asphalt plants, primarily utilized in construction and other off road equipment with medium speed engines. As per PSI standards, Pour Point is 12C⁰ and sulphuric content in LDO must be 1.8% maximum.

  • Motor Spirit (MS):  Used primarily in internal combustion engines,  MS is quite volatile due to the base components blended in it  and hence must be handled safely. According to PSI standards, Regulated Motor Spirit sold by TOTAL PARCO must have minimum Research Octane Number (RON) of 87 and Sulphur content of 0.05% at the Maximum.