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TOTAL PARCO Operations

Being the largest affiliate of Total Group in the APMO region, we have multilayered operational arrangements that enable us to deliver efficiently in a relatively complex and dynamic business environment.

Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL) is known for its best practices and operational record within the OMC industry. To achieve the profitability and high growth, we ensure quality at every step; primarily through the deployment of latest technology duly incorporated within planned upgradation of equipment, machinery, logistics, supply operations and storage facilities.


Scope of Operations:

Logistics, Supply, Bulk Oil Depots and Engineering are the four key areas in Operations at Total PARCO Pakistan Limited.

Storage Infrastructure and Capacity:

TPPL’s storage infrastructure consist of  10 depots located at the following major locations i.e. Keamari (02) , Shikarpur(01) , Daulatpur(01), Mehmood Kot (01), Sahiwal (01), Machike (02) , Rawalpindi (01) , Taru Jabba(01) with a total storage capacity of 56,199 MT for Gasoline, 47,238 for Diesel, 5544 MT of Excellium and 1,243 MT of SKO.

TPPL is recognized as the benchmark for safety in petroleum business and we are operating these storage facilities in compliance with the most stringent global safety standards while supplying a large retail network of 800+ stations and many major institutional customers country-wide, all year round.

Future Plans for Storage Facilities Expansion:

To provide stronger sales support, meet market demand and maintain business continuity in all scenarios, we are planning for 40% storage expansion in Pakistan within the next five years or so. For now 7550 MT Gasoline tank is under construction at Machike. Moreover, TPPL has also purchased a land to develop the oil storage at Faisalabad-Gatti.

Fewer and Better Transporters:  

Safety is considered to be of the paramount importance within TPPL. “The Fewer and Better Transporters” is our strategy under which we ensure the safety of our fleet and other road users during transportation. Our general carriage fleet is largely compliant with Total’s International Transportation Standards known as PATROM. In fact, today, 91% of our more than 700 strong tanker truck fleet is compliant with PATROM standards which, given the fleet size, is a remarkable achievement.

Commercial Pipeline Network:

TPPL’s extensive terminal network is supported by cross-country Product Movement Pipelines mainly, the MFM (Mahmoodkot- Faisalabad–Machike) Pipeline and the WOP (White Oil Pipeline). In the future, TPPL intends to fully utilize multiproduct pipelines for safer and faster transit of products.