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Bitumen & Special Fluids


Total PARCO is the  very name of durability and reliability when it comes to Bitumen. We offer two variants in market; PARCO Bitumen 60/70 and 80/100. PARCO Bitumen 60/70 is the conventional Bitumen that is used in asphalt roads and paving through heat based technology. PARCO Bitumen 80/100 is used in construction of road surfaces; patchwork, production of polymer modified bitumen binders and emulsified bitumen.

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Special Fluids/Solvent Oils:

Solvent oils, also known as Special Fluids, are used for oil extraction, paints and coating, in adhesives, car polishes, cosmetics, pesticides, insecticides, sealants, inks, animal vaccines, mining, drilling, industrial explosives, metal cutting and plasticizers. Ranging from C5-C20, we are dealing in a wide variety of hydrocarbons such as Special Boiling Point Spirits, White Spirit, Isoparaffins, Aromatics, De-aromatics, Xylene and Toulene.

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