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The BEST IN Lubricant Solutions For Industrial Applications 

Being the 4th largest company in the lubricant market globally, we offer a comprehensive range of lubricants, greases and specialized products for a wide range of industries including Chemicals, Energy, Steel, Metalworking, Automotive, Equipment Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Cement, Textile, Paper and the Food Processing Industry. Apart from our standard range of lubricants, we also offer a bio-degradable and eco-friendly range of products that are the manifestation of our commitment towards the environment.

The Right Choice for Your Industry

When it comes to industrial lubricants, TOTAL PARCO is the discerning professional's choice for the following reasons: 

  • Enhancing Productivity: We are commmitted to supporting our customers in their efforts to avail the maximum from their businesses. Our creed is to maximize cost-effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of industrial processes for our customers. 
  • Specific Products: Through our knowledge and expertise in industrial applications, we offer custom solutions to our customers, tailored to match their particular requirements from our broad range of products & services.
  • Innovation: Our state of the art R&D centers and research staff in - collaboration with equipment manufacturers - enable the formulation of cutting-edge products that guarantee optimal protection of equipment and machinery.
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly Products: Integrating safety, health and respect for the environment into our business philosophy, we offer a bio-degradable and environment-friendly range of products. Our industrial lubricants are ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified.
  • High Value Added Services: Being a customer-centric organization, we excel in providing not only the best lubrication solutions but also one of the highest level of after-sales services and technical support in the industry.
  • Proximity and Reactivity: Our customer service teams are easily accessible and geared towards being highly responsive to our clients. Moreover, our logistics platforms and customer service teams are fully synced for timely execution of orders.


Lubricants cannot give their best performance if not properly selected, put into service, used and monitored.

Our dedicated field engineers provide support on lubricants and lubrication related services to assist you in getting the most out of your lubricants. This includes:

•             Plant audits and Lubrication surveys.

•             Staff trainings on Lubrication and Lubrication related topics.

•             Lubricant selection and implementation.

•             Application support and troubleshooting.

•             Field tests and trials.

•             Oil analysis and drain interval extensions.

•             TCO implementation and ensuring greater Reliability. 

•             Video-scopic inspections.

•             Open gears inspections.