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Total PARCO's Road Safety Ambassador - Sana Khurshid

Sana Khurshid's Journey with Total PARCO as Road Safety Ambassador


Total PARCO welcomed Sana Khurshid - a lawyer, an active advocate for the differently-abled and activist for equal rights as the Road Safety Ambassador in 2022. Since then, Sana has worked tirelessly alongside TPPL Teams to spread awareness about Road Safety among thousands of road users.




Sana’s story is one of strength and resilience, her values align with TPPL’s focus on Safety and Respect for Each other, and her story touches us all. Her journey began with Total PARCO with her being welcomed as a guest in TPPL’s ‘TWICE Talk’ platform, where she shared her incredible life story and shared her commitment to TPPL’s aim of fostering a more inclusive future.


Among the many initiatives that Sana worked collaboratively on, her milestone work with TPPL remains the Mindset Transformation sessions. In these sessions, Sana converses with TPPL and associate Tank Lorry drivers, educating them on the importance of road safety and the importance of making sure we all #GoHomeSafe. To date, Sana has conducted several sessions that include Mehmood Kot, Kemari, Rawalpindi, Shikarpur and Machike terminals, speaking to over 2,000+ road users and 1,000+ Tank Lorry drivers using her own personal story as a road accident survivor to educate the masses.



Sana was also featured in Total PARCO’s Sarbuland Caravaan campaign, one that highlighted her involvement in TPPL’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. Her advocacy work for safety was also featured in TPPL’s ‘Life of a Driver’ campaign, which pays homage to the drivers of Pakistan.



Sana Khurshid’s journey with Total PARCO has been a positive force of change and has transformed countless lives and impacted the way people approach Road Safety.