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Choosing a premium engine oil is easier than ever with TOTAL HI-PERF. Specially formulated to provide optimal engine performance with long-lasting protection in any weather condition, it is now available in an innovative design with a new pedagogical label so you can choose the most suitable engine oil for your motorcycle. We have one focus in mind: to be the progress accelerator which takes people further. Consequently, the TOTAL HI-PERF brand is tailored to meet all customer needs. TOTAL HI-PERF series are empowered with the latest technologies. Thanks to a long history of bold R&D, it exceeds even the most demanding needs of motorcycles manufacturers.

ENGINE OILS for Motorcycles 

TOTAL oils for motorcycles engines are designed to prolong the life of your motorcycle, providing peak performance and efficiency. Beyond the engine and gearbox, the chain and the fork of a motorcycle also need the appropriate lubrication.

TOTAL engine oils for motorcycles benefits:

  • In the Engine: Top level friction protection for all engine components. The engine stays cool and clean, while running optimally.
  • In the Clutch: A uniform film between the clutch discs preventing malfunction and excessive wear.
  • In the Gearbox: Resistance to extreme pressure along with optimum gearbox protection.

TOTAL HI-PERF Lubricants:

The TOTAL HI-PERF range meets the requirements of daily use for all types of motorbikes and rickshaws. This range complies with the most stringent international standards. It is derived directly from the research aimed at improving racing performance in motorsports. TOTAL HI-PERF motorcycle oils were developed with riders in mind and our optimized product range has engine oils that meet the needs of daily commuting, touring and even racing. No matter how extreme the conditions require, use only the best engine oil - TOTAL HI-PERF!


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Total Hi Perf 10W40 Engine Oil
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