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Retail Dealership Process


  • Submit an application with your profile with complete details including contact informtion, land documents, location of land etc. The Site Evaluation will be conducted based on the plot size, accessibility and visibility, nearby service stations, traffic routes, and trade area. Your submitted documents will be assessed by the Company's Legal Team. The assessment will only be conducted if the area specified has commercial potential as per the Company's standards.

  • Once the Traffic Count and Topographic Surveys are conducted by the Company's approved vendor, a detailed working on estimated costs, return on investment and profitability will be carried out. These details will be shared based on the Company's approval.

  • Once the Land Documents are reviewed and verified by the Company's Legal Department, the document of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is prepared for signing. A Processing Fee and Joining Fee (as per prevailing Company policy) will be collected by TPPL, at the time of MOU Signing.

  • In order to obtain Deputy Commissioner (DC) No Objection Certificate (NOC), the initial site layout is prepared by the Company accompanied with a cover letter of TPPL's Retail Development Manager addressing the concerned DC. All relevant NOCs, including documents of commercialization of the plot, approval fees and building plan approval (for sites which fall under the Tehsil Municipal Authority or Cantonment Limits), are processed and provided by the dealer.

  • Request for tentative construction will be submitted by the dealer with the respective Inspector of Explosive’s (IOE) office. Once the approval from IOE is received, the Contractor Finalization process will begin. A Tripartite Agreement is signed between the dealer, the dealer’s proposed contractor and TPPL. This agreement is submitted with a construction security Demand Draft (amount as per Company policy) from the dealer, as construction security. This security is refundable and reimbursed after the site is constructed as per drawings provided by TPPL, made fully operational and commissioned within mutually decided timelines

  • Under the supervision of the Company's project engineer, the dealer’s contractor will begin the construction of the site

  • After the completion of the site, the Final Explosive Approval case is submitted with the IOE’s office for the Storage License. As soon as the license is granted, the site is prepared for commissioning in coordination with the Company's sales team. All facilities on the site are made operational, the site staff selection and training activity is completed, uniforms and stationery are ordered, fuel is delivered to the site prior to the commissioning and all other non-fuels facilities are completed in all respects.

**Please note that these are general guidlines shared only for guidance and information purposes and may vary significantly from case to case. TPPL will not be liable for any loss or damages incurred with respect to use of the information provided above.

To apply for Dealership, please click on the button at the bottom right.