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RUBIA Engine Oil:

Commercial vehicles and earth moving equipment are exposed to some of the most extreme operating conditions and as a consequence they require lubricants that perform reliably in challenging environments. At the same time, in today's business environment there is constant pressure to lower operating costs.

In light of this, Total PARCO is proud to introduce a specialized range of Heavy Duty Engine Oils which are designed to meet the highest performance levels, extend the life of your equipment and also reduce fuel consumption and hence costs.

The RUBIA range is designed specifically for bigger engines and delivers long-term performance, immediate protection at start-up and helps to reduce polluting emissions. The more efficiently the engine performs, the lesser the fuel consumed. The lesser the fuel consumed the better it is for your business.


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Rubia B 50 Engine Oil
Rubia D 20w50 Engine Oil
RUBIA Fleet HD 500
Rubia TIR 7400 Engine Oil
RUBIA HD 300 Engine Oil