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31/08/2020 News

Diversity In Action: Customer Engagement At Retail Forecourts

Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL) in line with its commitment to encourage Diversity at Workplace, pledged to break gender stereotypes and biases at the event of the Women’s Day celebrations this year. Since gender equality is the driving force behind the success of any organization, our Women work force took the charge of dedicating two weeks in the month of March 2020 for customer engagements at the Retail Outlets which was rolled out as a “Retail Sales contest”. The initiative saw our ladies selling Total high quality lubricants, Car Care products and Solar lamps in a team challenge, organized in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

The challenge titled “Women in Action” was an exemplary opportunity to showcase the talents and performance of the Women at Total PARCO and how each one of them could perform equally well at any job regardless of the gender.

The winners for the “Women in Action” team challenge were recently announced and recognized during a Live Chat session led by the CEO of TPPL Mr. Mehmet Celepoglu.