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FAQs - Solar Energy Solutions

Have queries related to our Solar Energy Range? 

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Product Name Solar Panel Battery
Little Sunshine Monocrystalline, 65*65mm, 0.4W, 4.5V 3.2V, 500mAh, LiFePO4
Family Sunshine Polycrystalline, 190*148mm, 3W, 5V + 3m cable 3.7V, 4000mAh, Lithium Ion
Home Sunshine Polycrystalline, 335*235mm,  10W, 6V 3.7V, 8800mAh, Lithium Ion


The products utilize sunlight as a source of sustainable energy, which is clean, affordable and reliable, along with being environment friendly and possessing no associated charging cost.

There is a 2 year warranty available against each model of Solar Products which may be claimed from the station from where the purchase was made, contingent upon presentation of the warranty certificate and the defective lamp.

Basic information shall be verified at the time of claim. The serial number on the warranty card shall match the serial number on the products, along with the date of purchase being verified as well. Further terms and conditions apply.

Product Name Charging Method
Little Sunshine Expose the side panel of the lantern under the sunlight
Family Sunshine Plug in the pin of the solar panel into the charge-in DC jack and place the solar panel under sunlight 
Home Sunshine Plugi n the pin of the solar panel into the battery and place the solar panel under sunlight


Warning: These solar products are IP21, indicating that they are resistant to water projections but should not be placed directly under rain. Never place the battery (Home Sunshine or Family Sunshine) outside for charging to avoid overheating or water flooding in the battery.

A full day of charge (amounting to approximately 8 Hours) will ensure that the product is fully charged. For Home Sunshine, a charging time of 6 Hours will suffice.

Product Model Normal Mode Backup Bright Mode Backup
Little Sunshine 6 Hours 3 Hours
Family Sunshine 16 Hours 6 Hours
Home Sunshine 15.5 Hours 7.5 Hours

Our Solar Range is available online at our Daraz store and at select Total PARCO service stations – click on the link below to explore the complete list of stations:


For Family Sunshine, press the power button for 5 seconds – while in Bright Mode – to shift into Turbo Mode. The Turbo Mode will switch off automatically after 20 minutes.

Feel free to contact our Muawin Customer Helpline at 0800-87751 for any other query.