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16/06/2021 News

Launch of Blind Spots Video and Go Home Safe Jingle

Total PARCO is committed to making sustainable efforts to ensure that Road Safety becomes a priority of road users and that the risk of road injuries is minimized.

On the 16th of June, TPPL management along with the DIG /Commandant Mr. Mehboob Aslam, National Motor way Training College and his team, CEO Pink rider and his female riders , Mr. Niaz Malik - GO HOME SAFE ambassador,  got together to launch a Blind spot video and a Go Home Safe Jingle, strengthening our commitment of road safety as our topmost priority.

Blind Spot Video is the 1st video developed in collaboration with National Highways & Motor way Police- NH&MP under the Virtual Training Center which was launched in February this ye It is an outcome of the knowledge and technical expertise of both partners about how to identify blind spots that cannot always be easily seen and can differ from vehicle to vehicle and how being aware of them can help prevent road injuries.

The Jingle is a musical, softer version of the same important message – going home safe.

The video was viewed by all the participants of the ceremony and the singer and writer’s presence with live singing of the jingle left a lasting impact in the heart and mind of all those present, encouraging them to join the cause. 

Safety for Me, for You, for All!