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27/05/2021 News

Meals For Smiles Campaign

Meals For Smiles Ramadan Campaign

Lahore, May 27, 2021- Ramadan is a special time of year -- a time to focus on community, charity, fasting, and prayer. In spite of the pandemic, there were even more reasons to be in the spirit of giving and helping others this year.  TPPL launched a Ramadan campaign called Meal for Smiles Campaign, meant to help families that were struggling in the current circumstances to put food on their tables.  

As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, ration boxes were distributed among students of Government schools and operational staff for their families at and near our Tarujjaba and Shikarpur Terminals. The campaign was made possible by the support of our volunteers, the Depot Operations and HSSEQ team.  All of our activities were conducted in compliance with Government set SOP’s. Smiles on the faces of the people we helped made all the challenges we faced worthwhile.