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29/11/2023 News

Sustainab'ALL Day

Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL), celebrated Sustainab’ALL Day on October 6, 2023, with a reenergized commitment to Sustainable Development Goals, in unison with the ambition towards carbon neutrality. At TotalEnergies, this year’s theme for Sustainab’ALL Day was ‘Share Your Stories’ and this allowed us the opportunity to look back, highlight the best practices that made the highest impact and reflect on our Sustainability actions over the past few years.

Taking a pause, we reflected on how we can act more sustainably, both in our professional and personal lives. Being mindful helps us get closer to our shared goal of reducing our environmental impact, individually and as a community. From using technology and operational innovation at the workplace to reduce our carbon footprint to acting mindful in our daily work life, TPPL employees all over Pakistan celebrated their collective progress on environmental goals.

Join us in Total PARCO’s journey towards sustainable excellence, as sustainability is not merely a goal; it's our shared responsibility.

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