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05/03/2024 News

Total PARCO Expands Services and Partners with Welcome Events and Destinations

With an extensive network of 800+ service stations across Pakistan, Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL) continues to enhance convenience for travelers. Our commitment to a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience ensures that wherever you go, TPPL is there to serve you.

In recent years, TPPL has strengthened its presence in Northern Pakistan, recognizing the vital role these regions play in local tourism and the economy.

Exciting Partnership with Welcome Events and Destinations:

  • TPPL is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Welcome Events and Destinations.
  • Infini users will now enjoy exclusive discounts on their trips, in addition to other special offers available through Infini, our cutting-edge digital payment solution.

Whether you’re embarking on a business trip or exploring the scenic beauty of Pakistan, we invite you to take advantage of these special offers and make every journey memorable with TPPL!