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09/05/2024 News

Total PARCO inaugurates Biodiversity Hub at NED University

Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL) prioritizes environmental performance in its sustainable development projects, focusing on impactful initiatives to preserve biodiversity. Carbon sequestration through plantations accelerates our transformation journey, supporting carbon emission reduction while mobilizing teams and partners for biodiversity efforts.

In line with this commitment, we recently inaugurated the Biodiversity Hub at NED University, alongside Vice Chancellor Dr. Sarosh Lodhi and teams from TPPL and NED. This TPPL-developed hub features self-sustaining, multi-layered, indigenous plants planted using the Miyawaki technique, known for its efficiency in carbon absorption and biodiversity promotion.

These chosen indigenous species will not only grow rapidly but also create a thriving habitat for local wildlife, contributing to the preservation of natural resources on the NED campus. Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond plantations. The inclusion of self-developed benches, made from recycled waste, exemplifies our commitment to waste-neutral initiatives. This creates a decarbonized, circular, resilient, and biodiverse space for the NED youth to enjoy.

Through such initiatives, we remain determined to create shared value and strengthen innovative approaches towards a sustainable future.


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