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05/03/2024 News

Total PARCO Receives Prestigious CSR Award for Corporate Community Partnership

Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL) has achieved a remarkable milestone by winning the 13th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the esteemed category of Corporate Community Partnership. This accolade holds special significance as it is the first and only registered CSR Award in Pakistan, officially recognized by the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) - Government of Pakistan.

Key Points:

  • Trailblazing Recognition: TPPL’s commitment to social responsibility has been acknowledged through this prestigious award.
  • Endorsement by Industry Leaders: The decision has received formal approval from the executive board of The Professionals Network (TPN) and Ethical Business Update (EBU), a prominent digital magazine.
  • Consistent Impact: TPPL’s sustained efforts and impactful initiatives have played a crucial role in promoting sustainability and community welfare.
  • Integral Contribution: This recognition underscores TPPL’s integral role in driving long-term sustainable practices.

TPPL expresses gratitude for this honor and remains dedicated to creating positive change for a better tomorrow.