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Bangles of Strength | International Women's Day


The Power of Words

Cultural phrases often carry hidden meanings. Some of these can perpetuate culturally damaging stereotypes, reinforcing preconceptions that restrict rather than empower. One such phrase is "Chooriyan Pehn’na,” which links wearing bangles to femininity, weakness and dependence.

Unveiling the Truth

What makes it more disturbing is the fact that the Urdu Dictionary (Rekhta) defines it as شیوۂ مردانگی کے خلاف کوئی کام کرنا ، بزدلی یا کم ہمتی کا مظاہرہ کرنا ؛ عورتوں کی طرح پردے میں بیٹھنا ، عورت بننا ، زنانہ پن دکھانا. Meaning: Doing something against masculinity or something referring to cowardice and lack of courage, living behind the curtain like a woman, being a hardcore woman, showing effeminate qualities.

Women in Pakistan are often over-burdened with responsibilities, which they juggle with strength, resilience and fortitude. They wear this heavy mantle to ensure a good life for their loved ones. Their resilience should be celebrated instead of being used to demean them. Being a woman should make heads rise up with pride, not hang in shame.

However, our culture unfairly ties femininity to fragility and weakness, creating a problematic perception that undervalues the inherent strength of women. It’s time to educate people on this false duality and teach them how to appreciate and respect the strong women in their lives. It's time to dispel these myths and celebrate femininity for what it truly is: a symbol of strength rather than a sign of weakness.

Imagine the young minds that study these things at school. It becomes part of their subconscious at an early stage and changing that in the later years is a struggle. We want the young minds to study the world as it is and not as it was hundreds of years back; there are archaic history books for that!

Join Us in Redefining “Chooriyan Pehn’na”

We believe that it is high time to challenge and revise the outdated and unjust connotations associated with the phrase "Chooriyan Pehn'na" in the Urdu language. This change will reflect a more accurate and respectful portrayal of femininity in our language.

Let us show them that strength can take many forms and that being feminine does not imply weakness. Together, we can rewrite the story and shape a more inclusive and powerful future for the next generation. Let us break free from such damaging stereotypes and empower the next generation with a powerful and truthful narrative.

Let us embrace women's strength and endurance and redefine femininity as a symbol of courage, determination, and dedication.

Our Vision: Reshaping Perceptions

Total PARCO took the initiative to change this narrative in a positive but creative way, to celebrate the sound of these bangles as sounds of bravery, determination and dedication of our wonderful women. Exercising the core value of Respect For Each Other and Pioneer Spirit, Total PARCO was one of the first Oil Marketing Company (OMC) in Pakistan to onboard women at service stations and elevate them to positions of leadership there. Our vision extends beyond business—it’s about reshaping perceptions, challenging norms, and fostering an environment where strength knows no gender. 

Join us in enjoying the sound of bangles as a source of empowerment and motivation. Together, we can create a future in which every woman's strength is acknowledged and cherished!


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