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31/08/2020 News

Promoting Employee Volunteerism And Helping The Community


Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL) through a series of webinar sessions arranged during the months of April/May 2020, launched an Employee volunteering program titled ACTION, helping the company identify new partners for societal integrations in the priority areas of Road Safety, Forests & Climate, Cultural Dialogue & Heritage and Youth Inclusion & Education. TPPL provides an opportunity to volunteer in structured community programs for three days of community services in a year on initiatives based on the four societal pillars. During the COVID situation, special online initiatives are being focused upon for community outreach.

TPPL through online employee engagement sessions rolled out the program attended by more than 200 individuals and achieved this unique milestone of having the launch managed in an online mode as a best practice on business continuity in the COVID situation. The webinars were followed by the launch of the employee surveys to have them pitch in their ideas on increasing the data base of selecting suitable partners in the regions to make the project most sustainable. TPPL, in the first phase, intends to have the program rolled out in the cities of Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad based on the enthusiastic responses received from the employees through the Q&A sessions managed during the webinars. Online engagements options with the community were also shared during the COVID situation.