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01/06/2023 News

Total PARCO organized University Day event at Government College Lahore

Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL), the largest international energy company in Pakistan, recently held an event "Transforming Lives with Positive Action in the New Reality" at Government College University in Lahore. TPPL's CEO, Mr. Mehmet Celepoglu, served as the keynote speaker, addressing a huge audience of  students, faculty, and business partners.

During the event, Mr. Celepoglu interacted with the audience, particularly the students, who actively engaged by asking questions and seeking insights from his extensive industry experience. He provided insights into his leadership style, which has guided Total PARCO through recent challenges.

The audience displayed a strong interest in learning about Total PARCO's initiatives in diversity, women empowerment, safety, and sustainable development, all of which have been implemented under Mr. Celepoglu's leadership. He emphasized the company's forward-thinking strategies and its commitment to promoting sustainable development, diversity, inclusion, and youth empowerment. Mr. Celepoglu highlighted Total PARCO's role as an energy company driving positive initiatives and fostering effective leadership.

As a noteworthy environmental preservation and conservation effort, Mr. Celepoglu, together with Professor Dr. Asghar Zaidi, the Vice Chancellor of GCU Lahore, inaugurated a Miyawaki Forest at the university. This initiative exemplifies Total PARCO's dedication to environmental responsibility and contributes to ongoing conservation endeavors.

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