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03/02/2021 News

Total PARCO Pakistan partners with National Highways & Motorways Police

Sheikhupura, February 3, 2021 - TOTAL PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL) is proud to collaborate with National Highways and Motorways Police Sheikhupura to launch “Virtual Training Center” for capacity building & development of road users and community at large.

Virtual Training Centre – another step towards road safety

Total PARCO Pakistan Ltd (TPPL) always strives to invest in innovative solutions to spread awareness on road safety for its valued partners/customers and community at large. As a responsible oil marketing company of this nation, TPPL is committed to serve the people of Pakistan -the same being mirrored through the provision of Virtual training center at National Highways & Motorway Police Training institute Sheikhupura.     

Road Safety is one of TPPL’s priority areas where we strongly believe to mobilize all the efforts in collaboration with relevant authorities to fight against road tragedies as these are one of the major causes of death in Pakistan. MOU which has been signed between senior officials of Total PARCO Pakistan Ltd and National Highways & Motorway Police shows our commitment, advocacy and support for Community to be Safe on roads.

MOU was signed by Chief Executive Officer TPPL - Mr. Mehmet CELEPOGLU and DIG/ Commandment Mr. Mehboob Aslam in the presence of Inspector General NH& MP Mr. Kaleem Imam and the senior management of TPPL. With the launch of Virtual training center TPPL & NH&MP agreed upon capacity building and development of road users and community to make them  ‘’Go home safe ‘’.

TPPL is delighted to play its role in bringing the vision of a better Pakistan into fruition and remains geared towards providing better safety solutions for the nation.