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31/08/2020 News

TOTAL PARCO Re-Invents Communication Through Live Chats With The CEO

The crisis stricken months of April/May2020 had Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL) employees introduced to a series of online LIVE CHATS led by Mr. Mehmet Celepoglu, the CEO of TPPL to adapt to the modern day methods of communication in the COVID crisis .The  work from home methodology did not stop Total PARCO from corresponding with its employees to abide by its commitment with the external stake holders on keeping continuity of business undisturbed  and catering to the concerns of the staff to keep them motivated and passionate in handling their day to day work . The Online Live Chats with the CEO were an exemplary dedication to taking TPPL forward as a team and addressing all the queries of the employees with utmost priority. A total of 17 live chats took place, engaging almost 2000 people online during the months with the employees getting the exclusive opportunity  to raise questions, which were rigorously answered not just by the CEO but also the concerned department heads. The chats propagated the need to take ownership and working together, maintaining regular contact with each other, achieving respective objectives despite the crisis, and remaining positive and steadfast during these tough times. An employee feedback survey got conducted during the process which helped in developing an action plan for the future to get optimum results during the COVID crisis and ahead. With this becoming the new norm , two Live chat sessions were also held with contractors in charge of different works at our sites and transporters as part of the World Day for Safety celebrations and for the reiteration of the message of safety being a core value for TPPL and responsibility of all to avert the risks of having any safety incident in a crisis situation.

Lastly, the CEO championed the importance of perseverance and adapting to the new environment, as the keys to success!