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30/04/2018 News

TOTAL PARCO Transport team attains yet another historical milestone!

Success is achieved through the RIGHT strategy and execution by people with the RIGHT skill set having the RIGHT frame of mind.

Thus, a 3-5 year Road Transportation milestone was reached in just about 2 years which is indeed a great achievement by the operations team. All ex–Chevron non-standard trucks were removed from TPPL's fleet without any business disruption. This was not an easy task as almost 90% of the fleet were third party who had a strong relationship with the Transport Union.

Currently TPPL's fleet is 92% compliant with a 97% contractor owned fleet. The remaining 8% trucks ( inducted before 2009) are targeted for removal from fleet by year's end. With this important milestone, the average age of the fleet has now come down to 3.5 years as against 10.2 years when this journey began.

Special congratulations to the entire Transport team for managing this seamless transition.