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17/04/2019 News

TOTAL PARCO visits the SOS Technical Training Institute

Total PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL), led by CEO-TPPL Mr. Olivier Sabrie, visited the SOS Technical Training Institute to discuss the exploration of potential opportunities between the two entities. The Institute provides young students in the community with skill development opportunities in various technical fields imparted by experienced instructors. TPPL aims to work in solidarity with SOS Technical Training Institute, which plans to equip hundreds of less privileged children with the necessary skills to mold themselves into productive contributors of society. TPPL donated solar lamps to the SOS Technical Training Institute during the visit to assist the center during power outages. By providing reliable, clean and safe energy supply TPPL continues to play a vital role in social welfare and establishing itself as a socially responsible organization. SOS Villages Pakistan have been supported by TOTALFINAELF (E&P) in the past as well, whereby a building was donated for housing of the students.