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What is 5w30 motor oil and should I use it for my car?

5w30 motor oils are highly versatile and commonly used in a wide variety of engines. They are effective in temperatures as low as -30ºC.

All motor oils are rated based on their viscosity, or resistance to flow, and how it performs at temperature extremes. The ideal motor oil for your car is one that can withstand the hottest temperatures in your region while still being able to flow when the weather is at its coldest. SAE 5W30 oil is suited to a broad range of temperatures, making it one of the most commonly used oils on the market.

What is 5w30 rated oil?

5w30 is a motor oil that is widely used across the globe in light-duty petrol and diesel engines.


An oil can have a cold viscosity that meets the definition of a SAE grade followed by the letter W (for example SAE 5W) and a hot viscosity that falls in the range of a SAE grade without the letter W (for example SAE 30). Such an oil is said to be multigrade. Like most motor oils produced today, 5w30 is a multi-grade oil.


How is 5w30 different from other oils?

5w30 motor oil is less viscous (less thick) at very low temperatures compared to, say, 10w40. It has a hot viscosity grade of 30, which means it is less viscous at high temperatures than an oil such as 20w50.

When should I use 5w30 oil?

You should always use the oil recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. However, 5w30 oil can function in temperatures as low as -30ºC and as high as 40ºC, making it an ideal choice if you drive your car in a place with relatively high seasonal temperature variations.


5w30 oil is particularly well suited for cars driven in cold climates. Unlike oils with a higher hot temperature rating such as 10 or 15, 5w30 oil can flow freely enough when the engine is started at low temperatures to coat and protect the engine's internal components. It's also a good choice for long trips requiring greater fuel consumption and more exposure to heat.

Why is 5w30 oil so common?

5w30 oil is one of the most commonly used motor oils because it is suitable for a wide variety of vehicles and engine types. 5w30's viscosity range means it can lubricate, seal, and protect an engine's internal components in a range of climate conditions. This ability to function well both in summer and winter brings with it the convenience of not having to change oil weights with the seasons. 5w30 oil's lower viscosity also means less strain on the oil pump, as well as better fuel economy.

Why is 5w30 oil so versatile?

w30 motor oil's ability to function in a large variety of engine types and under a wide range of temperature conditions makes it incredibly versatile. Whether you have a light-duty petrol or diesel engine, 5w30 is often the suggested motor oil to use because it flows more easily in winter temperatures. At the same time, it's able to maintain a safe viscosity when the engine is hard at work in the summer heat, when an oil with lower viscosity is more likely to break down, thereby causing greater wear on engine parts.