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26/09/2021 Press release

Total PARCO Pakistan Launches New Service Station with Unique Concept to Enhance Customer Experience


Lahore, September 27th , 2021 - Total PARCO Pakistan inaugurates its new service station in a prime location in Lahore. It is wholly owned and operated by the Company. The new station introduces “Welcome” Shop, a new and unique concept with fresh design, warm and welcoming spaces to enhance customer experience. This includes a wide range of convenient offerings from groceries to fresh food.
Within the station, customers can find top-of-the-line products and services including Wash and Quartz Auto Care. Wash provides an automated car wash experience with water conservation features. Quartz Auto Care is a premium oil-changing facility to provide operational excellence and value-added benefits such as complementary check points. Other features include rooftop solar panels, solar product offerings, quality fuels, six dispensers and ‘‘Clean & Fresh’’ washrooms.

About Total PARCO Pakistan Limited
Total PARCO Pakistan Limited is a joint venture between Total and PAK ARAB REFINERY Limited. Total PARCO Pakistan Limited is one of, the largest international oil marketing companies in Pakistan with the second largest network of more than 800 retail outlets across the country. With a comprehensive offer, ranging from high quality products (Excellium, Hi-Super, Diesel, Lubricants etc.) and services, Total PARCO Pakistan Limited is at the service of both Retail and B2B customers in Pakistan. Total PARCO Pakistan Limited is committed to human development, quality, reliability and operational safety for its employees, contractors and business partners.