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Introducing total's new range of solar energy solutions

Now available in Pakistan!

With our innovative and scalable range of solar solutions, Total PARCO covers all your needs to power your day.

“For a list of applicable TPPL fuel stations where you can purchase our Solar Energy Solutions, click here!






Features and Benefits

Each product in our solar range comes with a host of unique features, designed to be adaptable enough to to improve every day lives. Click on the image below to read about each product's detailed features, specifications and instructions for use. 



Click to zoom in and discover the detailed features and specifications in our Solar Range

What's the benefit for customers?

Why do you need to be powered by Total's Solar Range*? Find out by discovering the many benefits below:

Convenient, Social & Fun

Efficient, ergonomic, practical and easy-to-use products that extend quality time with family and friends. 


Being able to charge your phone saves time and enables you to keep in touch with loved ones. 

Savings & Income

Years of free energy: No more bills or recurring purchases (candles, kerosene, batteries, cost for phone charging, etc.), with the possibility to extend working hours after nightfall.


Products that don't generate CO2 emissions or toxic fumes, while not requiring biomass (wood, coal, etc.) either.


With a robust design made to last, these products come with LIGHTING GLOBAL Certification and 2 years' warranty.

Health & Safety

A clean and safe alternative to traditional energy sources (which emit smoke and can cause fires). Children can also use it to study safely.

*These products are primarily for inside use only and are not recommended to be used for outdoor frequently. However, with proper protection from water, these products can be used for outdoor activities. 

Why are we entering Solar?

We at Total PARCO, being a responsible energy company, are committed to supplying affordable energy to a growing population, addressing climate change and meeting new customer expectations. Our aim is to bring energy to everyone, anywhere in the nation. As a company, we also contribute to Sustainable Development Goal n°7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

In line with this, TPPL works to promote the development of a sustainable, clean and affordable commercial market for modern solar lighting products in Pakistan by launching a new range of solar solutions for households, businesses and micro enterprises alike.